WFN Naturals

Seamoss Skin Balm (100ml)



Feed and rejuvenate your skin. Our 100% natural sea moss lotion is the perfect alternative to chemically derived skincare products and they are a natural way to achieve healthy & glowing skin.


Sea Moss

Virgin Coconut Oil

Shea butter


  • 100% Chemical free
  • Made with Organic Ghananian Shea Butter
  • Keeps the skin hydrated and helps it retain moisture
  • 100% Vegan product (suitable for strict vegetarians)
  • Boosts the production of collagen in the skin
  • Does not block skin pores
  • Has an enticing fragrance
  • Supports the elasticity of skin

Directions for use

Apply the lotion on your palm, soften it and then rub it onto your face and body as and when needed.


Store in a dry & cool place away from exposure to direct sunlight.


Plastic container (recyclable)